Google Drive Email Phishing Scam

We have been made aware of some fake Google Drive emails being received by staff that appear to be from legitimate senders .These are phishing emails designed to obtain your login credentials, from email addresses that have been compromised.

What you see, looks like you receive a genuine Google Drive email from one of your contacts, granting you access to a document stored in Google Drive. Click on the link and you’re taken to the normal Google Drive sign-in screen. Then, after entering your username and password, you’re asked to enter your verification.

We strongly advise checking with the colleague who apparently sent you the email, to verify that they have shared any Google drive document with you. Before acting on the email. Better yet, delete the email and then log into your Google Drive and click on the Shared with Me to find the document referred to in the email. If you do not find the document, then advise your colleague that their account has been compromised.




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