Adobe Add-In Installation for Mac

Adobe Connect have released a new add- in for our current version of Adobe Connect (9.5.3).

This has the  version number: 11.9.976.291. 

If  you are not sure which version you have installed, you can check the version of your current Adobe Connect Add-in by:

1. Opening up one of your own meetings (if you are a meeting host) or this meeting set up for testing
. Click on the Help button (top right of screen)
3. Select About Adobe Connect… from the pop-up menu
4. The Adobe Conect Add-in version is then visible

The new version will not be required but it is recommended that all users update to this new version.  Users without the add-in installed will be asked to install the new Add-in under the following circumstances:

  • You try to start/join a 9.5.3 meeting for the first time after June 17, 2016 and have an older version of the Add-in installed.
  • You start screen sharing, application sharing, or share PowerPoint (PPTX format) files, and do not have the the Add-in installed.

Install Add-in on Own Equipment

Students and Staff who are connecting to an Adobe Connect meeting from their own Mac equipment can click here to download the Mac Add-in.

Then  install the new Adobe Connect Add-In by:

  1. Save the file when prompted; by default, it’s saved in the Downloads folder.
  2. Open the Downloads folder and open ac_addin_mac_976_291.z to extract the package (the package name is adobeconnectaddin-installer.pkg).
  3. Open adobeconnectaddin-installer.pkg to launch the installer.
  4. Follow the installer prompts to install the Add-In.