Adaptive Release

Instructors can create rules based on a date, time, user group or attempts or scores in a quiz to manage the release of content. When Adaptive Release rules have been created for an item, only those users who meet the criteria of the rule will be able to see that item.

Once you’ve created an Adaptive Release rule, you can edit or delete it, or copy it, rename it and use it as the basis of a new rule.

The following criteria can be applied to content items in your module;
• Date – Content is released after a certain date or between particular dates.
• Membership – Content is released to specific individuals or groups.
• Grade – Content is released to students based on a particular grade for an assessment task.
• Review Status – Content is released after a related item has been marked as ‘Reviewed ‘ by a student.

Adaptive Release rules have two different levels of complexity – Basic and Advanced.

Create a Basic Adaptive Release Rule

The Basic Adaptive Release of Content option allows you to create one rule per Content Item from one of the four categories listed above.

1. Set Edit Mode ON.
2. Open the edit menu  next to the content item you want the adaptive rule to apply to.
3. Select Adaptive Release.
4. On the Adaptive Release page, enter the details for any of the four criteria – see below. 5. Click Submit.

Date Rule 

1. At Choose Date, select the Display After and Display Until check boxes.
2. Enter the date, or select the date from the calendar by clicking the calendar button.
3. Enter a time, or select a time by clicking the time button .

Membership Rule

For Individuals:
1. At Username, click Browse.

2. Type in the usernames of the students.
3. Click Submit.

1. In the Items to Select box, select the group.
2. Click the right arrow  to move the selected group into the Selected Items box.

3. Click Submit.

Grade Rule 

1. Using the drop down menu, select a Grade Centre Item into the Select a Grade Centre Column field.
2. Select Condition by selecting the relevant radio button; User has at least one attempt Select Score > Select criteria from drop down menu and enter a score Select Score Between and enter the lower and upper scores.

3. Click Submit.

Create an Advanced Adaptive Release Rule 

The Advanced Adaptive Release of Content option allows you to create a rule that involves more than one rule to control the release of a content item.

For example, you may want to set up a rule that only allows users to view a content item for a limited amount of time, only if they have received a certain grade in a previous test.

Adaptive Release: Advanced 

1. Select Adaptive Release: Advanced on the drop down menu

2. Click on Create Rule

3. Give your rule a name

4. You can now set the Date, Grade and Membership by hovering over Create Criteria

5. You can also click on Review Status for example assignment 1 can be made available after Homework 1 has been reviewed.

6. Click on Browse under Review Status and click open the document that will be tagged to the rule.

7. Click on Submit

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