Copy a Module

You can copy a module and its entire contents to another module where you are the instructor. You can copy as much, or as little of the content as you like. You can either watch our video or follow the written instructions with screenshots (below the video.)

Important: You must start in the module you are copying from.


Written instructions

1. From the Control Panel, select Packages & Utilities.

2. Select Module Copy.

3. From the Select Copy Type drop down menu select Copy Module Materials into an Existing Module.
4. For the Destination Module ID, click Browse and locate your destination module.

5. From the pop-up box that appears, select the module you want to copy into and click Submit

6. Select the Module Materials you want to copy over by clicking the relevant check boxes. You can use the Select All button, but it doesn’t select everything, there are a few options that you will have to make a decision about.
7. For Module Files, select Copy links and copies of the content (Include all Module Files).
8. We DO NOT recommend including enrolments as this will bring ALL enrolments from the old module into the new, i.e. all last year’s students will now be on this year’s module along with this year’s students.
9. Click Submit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You won’t be able to see your imported content immediately. You’ll receive an email when the import is completed. PLEASE do not be impatient and begin this process again, you will only end up with two (or more!) of everything. If it does not appear to be working please contact Learning Systems and we’ll investigate.


Tidying up in your new module

We advise that after importing content you rearrange your new module’s navigation menu and content areas, removing duplicate links and ensuring that the content layout / order makes sense to your students.

A. If you wish to delete an item click on the action link next to the item and click on delete. You will be prompted with a message asking you to confirm. Click  OK and the item is deleted. (You can’t reverse this decision).

B. If you want to move content to another folder, click on move. On the following page click on Browse and select the content folder you want to send the item to.

C. If you want to rearrange the order in which menu links or items appear, hover your mouse over the double arrow on the item until the mouse pointer changes to a four-headed arrow. Click and hold the left mouse button down to move it up and down within the menu / list.

D. Change the display / due dates on any copied over assignments by following our Date Management guide (saves you time.)


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