Embedding a YouTube Video

You can embed a Youtube video clip on a page in your content area in your module so your students don’t have to leave Blackboard to watch it.

1. Turn Edit mode On 
2. Go to your content area where you want to display the video.
3. Hover over Build Content and select YouTube Video.

4. If you know the title of the Youtube video, enter it in the search box, or use keywords to search for relevant videos. Press GO

5. You will get a list of videos that match your search criteria. Select your chosen video by pressing Select.
6. Enter a description, if necessary.
7. In the Mash-up Options section, you can choose how the video will be displayed to your students. We recommend choosing the Thumbnail option, which will show as full sized when the View Link is clicked. Embed Video will show the video player directly on the page.

8. Enter Date and Time Restrictions if needed.
9. Press Submit.

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