Franchise Modules: Start-up Guide

Welcome to the Franchise Modules Start-up Guide. This set of steps will help you prepare a new module or update a copied over module in line with Leeds Beckett University’s agreement with Franchise Partners, as well as providing you with some helpful tools and templates to enhance your module design.

Step 1: Copying your existing Blended Learning Module from the last Academic Year

1. If you are copying over a module from a previous year, see here for a full breakdown of this process. Please note that the following content items should not be copied over:

  • TurnItIn Assignments
  • Links to the University Resource List System
  • Links to any Digitised Readings

Step 2: Setting up the core Module elements

Modules in MyBeckett have a wide range of core functionality which you can use to provide a clear learning journey and a consistent, engaging experience for your students. This also presents an opportunity to address key design principles and implement them into your Module, such as:

  • A clear structure and headings with topic / date based navigation
  • Accessible fonts
  • Module discussion boards
  • Links to Library resources for Franchise Partners

We have created a number of easy-to-follow guides which you can find listed below. These will help you in building your Module:

Step 3: Switching off the ability to create TurnItIn Assignments

1. To turn this functionality off, first go to the lower-left hand menu and choose ‘Customisation’, then click on ‘Tool Availability’. This is shown below.


2. On the next screen, scroll down to the line that has ‘Turnitin Direct Assignment‘ written and untick the fourth box along, which is the control for making the option appear in a content area (see below).


3. Click on the ‘Submit‘ button at the bottom of the page. This will now have removed the ability to create a TurnItIn assignment within your module.

Step 3: Removing the Resource List link from the Module Menu

1. When you first access your module, it will be an empty shell with our default Module Menu on the left, shown in the image below. (Please note: If the module has been copied over from a previous year you will still see a Module Menu like the one below, although it may differ in content as instructor users may have customised it for their own use. Fundamentally they will still look similar.)


2. The first customisation to be made is to disable the use of the ‘Resource List’ link as this may contain resources that are not available to our Franchise Students. This is because the Resource Lists contain resources which Franchise Students will not be able to access due to licensing restrictions. To do this, hover over the link with your mouse, click on the small downward-pointing arrow icon which appears to the right, and choose ‘delete‘:


3. Next, you will see the following message (see below) for which you need to click on ‘Delete this menu item‘.


4. After that you finally need to confirm the deletion by clicking ‘Delete‘ once more.


5. You will now see a green banner across the top of the screen confirming this menu item has been deleted:


Step 5: Removing access to Digitised Readings from the Module

1. If the module has been copied over from a previous year or if you are planning to do this in the near future, please be aware that as Franchise Students do not get access to Digitised Readings, so any links of this nature will need to be removed from the Module. These will be created as a ‘File’ content type and will look something like the example below:


2. To remove these files from the module, hover over the file with your mouse just like in step 1, click on the small downward-pointing arrow icon which appears to the right, and choose ‘delete‘:


3. You may get asked by your web browser to confirm the deletion at this point, if you do click ‘OK’.


4. You will now see a green banner across the top of the screen confirming this content item has been deleted:


Your Module is now inline with the the University’s agreement with Franchise Partners, or ‘Franchise Student friendly’! This will ensure a better user experience for all of our Franchise Partners and their Students.

If you require any other MyBeckett assistance, please contact the Learning Systems Team.